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Project Management for Global Digital Implementation Project

Industries running in solidarity are the thing in the past and with passing time the world is becoming flatter. Businesses today are more like sports where teamwork helps thrive together as well as at the individual level. All the industries are now undergoing a digital transformation. The presence of digital channels could transform the entire value chain, operations, services provided, and even after-sale services. Non-regulated, service, and product, industries have been early adopters of digital in every aspect, from ingredients to consumers, of their businesses. Regulated industries, like pharmaceuticals, alcoholic beverages, etc, are among the “late majority” segments of digital adoption. With changing demands, now, the regulated industries as well are looking to enhance stakeholders’ experience through digital adoption.

Lack of required expertise and resistance from the internal stakeholders, alongside the speed and scale at which implementation is expected across the organization, and that too globally is challenging. This is valid not only for regulated industries but also for non-regulated ones. Any such project management activity needs to be executed tangentially to the ongoing business activities without any disruption.

Working with contractual expert Project Managers, in the execution of such transformational projects, is the fastest way. Contractual project managers bring in a wide range of functional and industrial experience, alongside their global expertise, helping businesses grow and transform by meeting all the targets, deadlines, and expectations set forth them.

Case in Point: Situational Analysis for a Healthcare Product Client

  1. The supply chain in healthcare is still the concern and the effects of this are being faced by all the stakeholders in the value chain.

  2. Amidst Covid-19 situation reaching both patients and doctors, became a challenge threatening the high potential bottom line.

  3. Situation and history, in combined effect, has garnered the road for long due digital transformation in healthcare to provide comfort and convenience.

  4. Introduction to AI and ML in healthcare is also being revolutionary in its way facilitating the sole purpose of providing ease and saving time.

  5. But the industry, which has been operational, for centuries, in traditional format had been facing the difficulty to switch to digital.

Methodology/ Implementation

  1. Two project managers were appointed for covering transformation execution in 35+ countries worldwide, with one being in North America and one in South East Asia.

  2. For any innovation in the existing process, it ideally should follow all the steps from ideation to execution.

  3. A multi-channel digital strategy was formulated, and the process was standardized for operations in each of its global markets.

  4. Proactive diligent planning, setting up a process for smooth operations by enabling the sync between digital and traditional processes.

  5. Timely coordination, between global and local headquarters of its operations, for meeting implementation timeline.

  6. Continuous evaluation of targets and strategy to ensure the alignment between operations and corporate goals

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